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Image rent

Bloggers and website owners can save up to 75%
Embed images on your site via live image streaming
  • Easy to use

    You simply put a link into your HTML code, the same way you would do it to embed youtube video.
  • Nothing superfluous

    Our Rent service doesn`t require any tracker or any other software installation on your web site. All payments run on the PressFoto server only!
  • Fair pricing

    We charge for image impressions. That is how many times your visitors saw the image. 1000 impressions cost is just
    $ 0.01
  • Editing features

    Crop, apply color filters, add text or frame. There are lots and lots of ways to edit the image before posting.
  • Detailed reports

    We provide complete information about all images that you rent: impressions, page URLs and charge.
  • Unlimited choice

    If you pay just $1 for one hundred thousand views, you get access to 3 million licensed images. You can rent it all or change images till you find the exact one you want. It doesn`t matter what you choose because the purchase price includes a certain number of views, without any reference to a specific image.
Rent means nice bonuses
When you rent an image, we will also send you a link for its preview.
This preview will be displayed on your page and, if you choose, in your Social Networks accounts for free.
fWhen renting an image, if you have achieved an image value threshold, you automatically become its licensed owner.
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