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Getting Your Money’s Worth -­­ Exciting News For Buyers

The PressFoto team is in Chicago this week at Visual Connections where we’ll be making some big announcements. First, we’ll be introducing ImageRent which, if you’re a customer, you know all about already. Second, we’re announcing a new site called lets buyers search compare the offerings of all major royalty­free image sites in one place. Why would we create such a site? Because we want to make sure our customers (and everyone else’s customers) get the most for for their money. You can read the official

news release below. Better yet, give the site a try and let us know what you think!

Search and Compare All Major Royalty­Free Stock Image Sites With New Engine

CHICAGO – April 24, 2014 – Buyers of royalty­free stock images will soon have a powerful new tool to help them navigate the enormous universe of images and sales outlets thanks to a new search engine called announced today at Visual Connections Chicago. The new tool indexes every image from each of the leading microstock vendors allowing for side­by­side comparison of pricing, licensing models and terms. The new site was developed by PressFoto, an emerging microstock company offering some of the most aggressive pricing and flexible licensing models in the business. has indexed more than 30 million photos from iStockphoto, Shutterstock, Fotolia, PressFoto and others. Users can search by title, keyword, orientation, size and color as well as blank area for copy. Search results reveal images from all the sites that are either identical or similar and provides comparative cost and licensing options.

“While most microstock companies like to talk about their exclusive content, the reality is that the majority of the stock images being sold today are available on several different sites,” said Dmitry Shironosov, CEO of PressFoto. “We created as a service to buyers looking to save time and money when buying what has essentially become a commodity. We also believe that, once a prospective buyer sees how PressFoto stacks up against some of the better­known microstock companies that a lot of these buyers we’re able to help will soon become new customers.”

The beta version of the site is already up, running and ready for use. The site is free to use and all purchases must be made directly from the individual stock companies shown.

About PressFoto

PressFoto provides royalty­free images, vector graphics and video footage for commercial, editorial and personal use. It offers a wide variety of pricing and distribution models designed to make copyrighted content available to as many different customer types as possible including a unique ImageRent solution, which allows images to be used for as little as one penny. PressFoto offers some of the lowest prices and least restrictive usage and payment plans in the industry while providing contributors with some of the most favorable revenue sharing terms in the business. For more information, visit