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How to Use Patterns in Design

Do you want to make a bright, eye-catching design? Then work with patterns! We will give you some tips how to use them effectively to make people pay attention to your design.

how-to-use-design-patterns-1 A funny pattern with kittens

Patterns or repeating elements are everywhere even in nature: honeycombs, coral polyps and snowflakes. Have a look at a photo gallery Patterns in Nature on National Geographic site. Patterns in design have been used for a long time. An ornament is a compulsory part of any dresses at all times: a Russian traditional dress, a Scottish tartan or an ancient Greek dress. Some brands take patterns as a basis of their corporate identities, for example, Louis Vuitton’s iconic checker pattern.

Patterns are designers’ favorite tool, as they can help implement almost all creative ideas. You can repeat whatever you want in a predictable manner: kittens, arms, legs and heads or running people. It is not difficult to transfer such regularities onto products: garments, pens, folders, notebooks, corporate stickers. No wonder Equestar and The bean stuff look great. Sure, you would like to have some of their stylish corporate products. And what fun it is to walk around bright Melbourne or Slavonice, a historic Czech town!


how-to-use-design-patterns-2 Equestar’s corporate identity.

how-to-use-design-patterns-4 The wall in Melbourne.

Don’t hesitate to use unique patterns in design of clothes, websites, corporate identities, urban areas and everywhere you want! Here you will find out how to do it better.


Web Design

Patterns in web design are very popular as they are easy to create with the help of modern computer technologies. They are closely connected with information, architecture and coding. Patterns can make your site look unique and dynamic. Discreet abstract or geometric patterns are ideal for corporate sites.

how-to-use-design-patterns-5 Geometric pattern.

how-to-use-design-patterns-6 Abstract pattern.

If you want to make your site design more individual, you may, for example, change the repetition or use some elements to break the whole regularity.

how-to-use-design-patterns-7 The coffee-centric pattern on Forbetter Coffee site.

Or even create an animated pattern.

how-to-use-design-patterns-8 An animated abstract pattern.



Prints and ornaments identify brands. For example, Burberry uses tartan (check pattern) as a distinctive feature of all their fashion products. Etro is famous for collections with paisley, sometimes called «Persian pickles».

how-to-use-design-patterns-9 Burberry tartan.

how-to-use-design-patterns-10 Etro paisley pattern.

Mix patterns of different sizes and colors or use just one to focus attention.

Interior Design

Wallpaper is a simple example of ornament in interior design. But you can use patterns in textile, furniture and carpets.

Tartan has become very popular in design lately. Scottish check is spread in motifs on throws and other decorative accessories for home. Paisley is good for ethnic and mixed interiors. Damask pattern — a classic flower ornament — is primarily used in wallpaper and appropriate for classic design interiors. Greek meander looks great and adds some splendor and luxury to any interior. Houndstooth is a symbol of classic style and elegance.

how-to-use-design-patterns-11 Damask in the interior. 

how-to-use-design-patterns-12 Meander in interior.

how-to-use-design-patterns-13 Houndstooth in interior. 

how-to-use-design-patterns-21 It is better do not use Paisley this way. 


Corporate identity

Corporate identity is one of the aspects of brand building. Pattern here is an original ornament that is used in decor of all items of a corporate identity package. It is essential to make a pattern recognizable, so don’t copy patterns of existing brands. You’d better spend some time on creating a unique pattern. Then the pattern can be used as a background in printed materials and adverts, as an additional decoration in corporate garment design. For example, a corporate pattern of Alpari is twisted lines that look like a guilloche on banknotes.


Jota Lamarque has a pattern featuring birds.

how-to-use-design-patterns-15 A beautiful pattern with birds for Jota Lamarque.

A store of traditional Chinese medicine Sumber Waras has Chinese motifs.

how-to-use-design-patterns-16 A Chinese pattern for Sumber Waras.



Patterns are successfully used in the design of urban areas — houses and buildings — and in packaging design as a part of corporate identity. Also in books, flyers, notebook covers, iPhone stickers and tableware.

how-to-use-design-patterns-17 Branding and packaging for Piatta Deli.

how-to-use-design-patterns-18 Book decor with a pattern.


Patterns are multifunctional, and that is why they are so popular. Patterns in photography have become more widely-spread lately. You can create a pattern in a photo artificially or notice it all of a sudden!

how-to-use-design-patterns-19 Chairs by PressFoto

how-to-use-design-patterns-20 Windows by PressFoto

how-to-use-design-patterns-23 Architectural pattern. 

You can find a myriad of different patterns on PressFoto: flowers, lines, animals and geometric shapes.

See our patterns 

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Use our tips, patterns and create your own unique designs!