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“Made by Author” event took place in Chelyabinsk, Russia

April 21, 2016, Chelyabinsk, Russia — «Made by Author» is the public event that took place in Chelyabinsk for the first time. It was dedicated to the World Intellectual Property Day celebrated on April 26. The activity was organized by PressFoto microstock image agency and supported by WIPO.

made-by-author-pressfoto-6 Twenty-one yellow plates had been installed on statues located on a sidewalk.


PressFoto representatives insist that the authors’ rights defense is one of the burning problems for any resource dedicated to stock photography. That’s why «Made by Author» event should be considered as a part of the international campaign for intellectual property defense.

’The purpose of this activity is to attract the public attention to the authors and their rights. Unfortunately, today, we often see the exploitative treatment of the objects of intellectual property. We just don’t pay enough attention to authors’ rights violations.’ - says Dmitry Shironosov, PressFoto CEO, and founder.

The event took place on Kirov street. Twenty-one yellow plates had been installed on statues located on a sidewalk. The citizens could read the names of the authors of sculptures and also learn some interesting facts about their history. More than 1,500 of people had seen the plates and found out something new about the architectural objects they go by every day.






Represented statues were created by the members of «Salut» art union.

’It`s important to talk about intellectual property. And it’s not just about recognition and fame, — says Vladimir Polyansky, head of «Salut» art studio. — Usually, a sculptor can keep track on his statue’s production progress only before the casting. After that, he can’t do anything to affect on his creation’s destiny.’

«Made by Author» is an event of the high significance for Russia. It was highlighted by the Chelyabinsk leading newspapers, TV channels and web resources.