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Model or Average Woman: Who Is Better for Ads in 2016?

Recently it has become very popular to create ads featuring non-models. What has caused this trend and how to use it properly?

Advertisement featuring women is always effective, whether it is about house stuff or car tires. For a long time advertisers have relied on sexuality and model’s ideal appearance. But lately media has turned to natural beauty. Even editors of glossy magazines refuse excessive retouch and replace professional models by regular women. So who is better for ads in 2016: an ideal model or a usual girl?


Why is Women’s Look Changing

New social role

Switching between different roles in the society has changed women’s image a lot. Now she cares about her work, career, hobby, along with family and kids. It is normal to get pregnant in your 30s, to win an executive position — to become the president even in traditional Asian and African countries.

Unreachable ideal

The ideal woman created by glossy magazines is quite boring now. Moreover, this look was regularly criticized by public because of body shame and, as a result, different eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia. By the way, France has recently banned ultra-thin models.

Brands want to be favored by a wider audience

A lot of brands are oriented towards mass market. It is important for them to communicate with their customers. That’s why brands choose average women with non-ideal body proportions for their ads to show how their garments look in real life.


Who Already Uses Average Women Look in Ads

Just over a month ago Pirelli presented its annual calendar in an unusual format — without naked women. Annie Leibovitz replaced traditional photos by photos featuring women who have changed our society and given it something more significant than just pretty appearance.

model-or-regular-woman-what-to-choose-in-2016 - 1

model-or-regular-woman-what-to-choose-in-2016 - 2

model-or-regular-woman-what-to-choose-in-2016 - 18

model-or-regular-woman-what-to-choose-in-2016 - 19

model-or-regular-woman-what-to-choose-in-2016 - 20

Kanye West’s collection for Adidas Originals «Yeezy Season 1». Attention drawn to models beyond beauty standards.

model-or-regular-woman-what-to-choose-in-2016 - 3

Lanvin 2012 fall campaign. Average people replaced professional models in front of the camera. The results are just as perfect as those done with professionals.

model-or-regular-woman-what-to-choose-in-2016 - 5

model-or-regular-woman-what-to-choose-in-2016 - 4

Diesel announced changes in label and started #DieselReboot campaign. The main heroes are average people who show the diversity of the world.

model-or-regular-woman-what-to-choose-in-2016 - 6

Katie Hillier and Luella Bartley, new creative directors of Marc by Marc Jacobs, have changed the brand. One of the first moves they made was #CastMeMarc campaign with models found in social media. 9 luckies were selected from a big number of participants.

model-or-regular-woman-what-to-choose-in-2016 - 7

American Apparel is already famous for non-professional models. For example, in 2014 they made 61-year-old Jackie O’shaughnessy the face of their brand.

model-or-regular-woman-what-to-choose-in-2016 - 8

Dove was one of the first brands to use new women’s image. They taught women to love themselves due to selfies showing Real Beauty Sketches and told women they are beautiful. Of course, all the models were average women.


What Does New Trend Include

● Average women become more popular in advertising.

● Girls next door and plus size models with unretouched photos are still in demand. By the way, #curves and #nomakeup are the most popular hashtags on Instagram.

● Your deeds, your history, your personality and character are more important than your appearance.

● Any girl or woman can be a heroine of advertisement, not only if she is a writer or a human rights activist. Usually advertisers search social media for non-professional models.

● Now you can see women not only in their traditional roles of a mother, a housewife or a teacher, but also in roles that are unusual for public but regularly met in everyday life. Such as the head of a company, a builder, a military officer, etc.

● Senior women are in trend too because they have achieved a certain status and success in their lives. Elderly women show that life starts at 50 and you can enjoy life and be attractive at any age. Besides, seniors are active consumers.

● Photos featuring women with extraordinary appearance, physically or mentally challenged will be in great demand.


Where to Find Photos of Average Women for Advertisement

You can take a camera and start taking pictures of women on streets. But it requires time, special place (not every picture is appropriate for a certain ad) and a model release. So the right way is to search stocks for professional photos. Make sure you know how to do it correctly.

  1. Enter a certain request: woman at home/at work/walking/doctor/pilot. We are 90% sure you will find what you want among millions of photos on stocks.
  2. If you have found a photo but you are not fully satisfied with it, browse relevant pictures. By the way, it is easy to do it on PressFoto.
  3. Flick through image galleries even if the theme is not so close to what you are looking for. You never know what you can find. Editor’s picks always include the best photos.

More and more photos of regular women appear on stocks. It largely reflects the tendency towards candid photography.

PressFoto gallery shows how much the image of a woman has changed in stock photography.

Importantly, your advertising message is to show consumers that you share similar values. That’s why you can definitely use new women’s image in your communication in 2016. Sure, you will benefit from it. But it doesn’t mean trends won’t change in a year or two. So in case of long-term projects, use verified classic pictures. You can easily find them on stocks too.