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PressFoto Presented New Website Design

Our developers paid a lot of attention to the user interface and made some changes to improve the website speed, along with changing its visual perception.

Our home page has been changed a lot. Now there is a full-screen slider with amazing photos provided by our contributors:


We made a bold move: we replaced the website menu with a «hamburger» one (a three-lined icon in the top left corner). There you can switch between types of content, find basic page sections and links to PressFoto social media accounts.


The search pages for every type of content (photo, vector, clipart and video) have the same interface. There is a search box and top user requests. See the video page that we like best:


Quick access to your personal account looks like a side menu. Click a «human» icon to open it.


There is a totally new «About us» page. Now you can read facts about PressFoto and see people who work for you every day:


We added «Contacts», so you can always find a certain person to help you:


The search results page was also redesigned, and «Safe Search» filter is automatically on. If you want to turn it off, click «18+» filter.


The website redesign took a long time because we were very serious about it and discussed every tiny detail.

Our team really hopes you will like new PressFoto design.


I want to see it! 


If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in comments below. Be sure, we’ll respond to you quickly. Or call our Customer Service +7 (495) 133-96-20.