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Russia Joined International Campaign for Intellectual Property Protection

April 26, 2016 — World intellectual property day took place in Chelyabinsk, Russia. That was an event of profound significance for Russia, as it confirmed that authors and consumers of digital content in this country are ready to join the international campaign for intellectual property defense.


The World IP Day event in Chelyabinsk was organized by PressFoto microstock image agency and WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization). It was held in the form of roundtable discussion on ‘Creativity in Digital Environment’ that was debated both by authors and consumers of digital content.

It was a revelation for many of them that Russian courts usually side authors. Alexandr Petrechuk, a lawyer, says that the Russian legislation is great for those who want to protect their authors’ rights, but the problem is that not everyone uses this opportunity yet.

russia-joined-international-campaign-for-intellectual-property-protection-4 Alexandr Petrechuk.


russia-joined-international-campaign-for-intellectual-property-protection-3 Maria Terentyeva-Galitskikh.

‘The consumer’s dilemma is simple: you can purchase a photo for $1 on a microstock or use unlicensed content instead and, as a result, pay a fine that is about $775 in Russia today. Usually violators are charged to pay this amount. The choice is obvious,’ says Maria Terentyeva-Galitskikh, Head of Contributors Department, PressFoto microstock image agency.

The World intellectual property day (World IP Day) was established in 2001. In 2016 over 40 countries including Russia celebrated it.

Copyright protection becomes increasingly interesting to Russians. What is more, it’s not just a matter of discussion. For example, Vladimir Gorshenin, Head of Research, PressFoto microstock image agency, introduced a certain remedy to make the international campaign for authors’ rights more efficient. It’s a service called MediaStamp:

‘Digital piracy is a social phenomenon. Moreover, it is a business model. And you can’t win if you fight against piracy case by case. A universal copyright defense system is required. So we are trying to create a service which can help all authors protect their rights.’

russia-joined-international-campaign-for-intellectual-property-protection-10 Vladimir Gorshenin.

The attendees of Chelyabinsk World IP Day event didn’t want to let the speaker go. They kept asking lots of questions, so Vladimir’s presentation lasted half an hour longer than planned.

The event revealed the public interest to the problem of copyright protection. Behind the scenes, photographers talked over lots of copyright protection issues. Also, some precedents when authors succeeded in their rights defense and obtained their compensations were discussed.

Such examples break the stereotype that all attempts to protect intellectual property under arbitrage are just a waste of time and money.

Dmitriy Shironosov, PressFoto CEO and founder, is sure that authors’ rights protection on the Internet is worth fighting for.

‘Money doesn’t grow on trees. Neither does digital content. It does not appear out of thin air. Behind the scenes of a final product, there’s a lot of hard work.’

The event revealed the problem of copyright infringement on the Internet and spawned a huge discussion. So the main goal of the organizers (PressFoto supported by WIPO) was achieved.


russia-joined-international-campaign-for-intellectual-property-protection-6russia-joined-international-campaign-for-intellectual-property-protection-2 russia-joined-international-campaign-for-intellectual-property-protection-5

russia-joined-international-campaign-for-intellectual-property-protection-7 russia-joined-international-campaign-for-intellectual-property-protection-8 russia-joined-international-campaign-for-intellectual-property-protection-9

By the way, The World IP Day event in Chelyabinsk is not the first attempt of stock agencies to attract public attention to the copyright protection problem.

For example, recently Getty Images has announced that it will file a competition law complaint against Google Inc. with the European Commission. The photo stock agency claims that changes to Google Images promote digital piracy.