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Small Size Images are No Longer Popular on the Web

There is an unspoken rule on photo stocks: small images are for the web, big ones are for print. But now even photography consultants of local news sites are not interested in XS and S photos. Why is it happening and do you need to worry if your web-site is full of small size images?

It is easy to buy a small photo for 1 dollar. But you can’t use it in all your projects. Because its resolution is right only for an article illustration. Of course, if you work for a small magazine or newspaper, such photos are ideal for you. But if you are an editor or a designer of a creative website, or you are a marketer of a large company, you need bigger images.


Why is This Happening?

1. There are more visuals and less text on websites now. Of course, you can insert as many small images as you can, but it might look weird. You’d better choose several stylish high-resolution photos.

2. Designers tend to use photos as backgrounds. It requires XL (4200×2800 px) and XXL (4700×3400 px) photos. But be careful with «XL-L-S» on stocks and choose photos by their resolution in pixels.

3. According to 2016 Trends in Web Design, storytelling will be popular. Colorful photos and a bit of text is all you need this year.

4. Users often ignore ads on websites. So you don’t need to overload you pages with banners. Experts advice to use more images instead.

5. A mobile version is a must-have for all websites. If you don’t have one, create it as fast as you can! By the way, high-resolution photos are easier to resize.

Moreover, it is not difficult to change the size of photos. There are some apps to do it.


Programs for Image Resize



size-does-matter - 1


Resize Your Image

size-does-matter - 2


FastStone Photo Resizer

size-does-matter - 3


Free Picture Resizer

size-does-matter - 4


How to resize in Photoshop

size-does-matter - 5


Google extension

size-does-matter - 6


How to resize on Mac

size-does-matter - 7



Websites with high-resolution photos

Designers of these amazing websites have chosen large images.

Moscow from roofs. You can literally walk on this website. Enjoy a panoramic view over sights of the Russian capital and discover directions to some cities.

size-does-matter - 8


Typography website. You can walk in the studio, explore the gallery tour, watch printing presses and read more about their work and history.

size-does-matter - 9


An Italian photographer’s website. Food images that make your mouth water, architecture photos that make you fancy visiting these places and so on. Besides, scrolling is unusual.

size-does-matter - 10


Donald Trump is everywhere!

size-does-matter - 11


Website of the campus of Wisconsin university in Madison. Visit all the corners of the campus and learn a bit more about student life of the leading university in Wisconsin group.

size-does-matter - 15


2 photographers, 2 places, 12 hours of shooting. See the result.

size-does-matter - 13


You see, big size photos look very cool! Already want to redesign your website? Flick through PressFoto galleries or find whatever you want with our simple search.

Moreover, it is very profitable to purchase photos on PressFoto. Royalty free XL photo is only 7 dollars! View other prices here.

Choose any photos you like, but remember that size does matter!