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Trends of 2015: Polygon graphics

 Polygon graphics or Low poly style combines two things: the ancient Japanese art of origami and the legacy of 90s computer games. But despite that fact, it became one of the hottest trends in design for a third consecutive year.

We will try to answer why geometric art is so attractive and how you should use it to be trendy but still stand out of the crowd.

Almost all famous companies are doing something in the style of polygon graphics: limited collections, logos, web sites and others. It seems polygons, figuratively speaking, "entered" the brain of modern users through the characters of their favorite 90s games (back then, low poly style was a necessity, not a design choice). And it is rapidly progressing now.

And nobody is opposed to it. When the hi-detailed images make us tired we instinctively want something abstract to relieve us. Just like the Flat design replaced the classical skeuomorph two years ago. Some kind of magic lies in the sharp edges and abstract shapes of the polygonal style. It reminds us of Origami – the ancient Japanese paper art, that is very popular and can be considered a forerunner of polygons.

Polygons have another interesting feature. Since we associate them directly with CGI, every real thing made in a Low poly style, looks like a simulation. We got so used to polygons on the screen, that when they appear in real life - a chair, a table, a dress or a sculpture, we feel that we live in an unreal world as if we were in a video game.

With the growing popularity of 3D printers, designers started to create more Low poly styled things: jewelry, clothing and decoration of the most abstract forms. They are printed and sold on hundreds of internet sites. Also, this trend is influenced by Flat design. This is why a lot of designers continue to experiment with geometry in art, trying to find a new manner and technique to differ from others while staying trendy.


trends-2015-polygonal-graphics-AROLY_(FREE FONT) AROLY (free font) 

trends-2015-polygonal-graphics-Polya (free font) Polya (free font) 

trends-2015-polygonal-graphics-Low poly font 2 Lowpoly (10$)



trends-2015-polygonal-graphics-3D-printed-dress Francis Bitonti’s 3d Printed Dress 




What’s new in the polygon style of 2015?

Considering that Low poly is not a brand new style; there is always a risk to merge with the crowd if you follow a trend. You can avoid it by combining two styles in one. Everything starts from one pure style, and then designers experiment and find new forms by mixing the polygon elements with other styles.

In addition, there are only a few designs with polygons made from natural materials yet. This does not mean that you have to cut a character or icon from a piece of wood. It could be simulated easily using programs such as 3ds max or Cinema 4D:

How to start work

A huge demand brings a lot of illustrators, they provide ready-to-use Low poly mock ups and images. For example, on the PressFoto microstock image agency, you can download backgrounds, illustrations and graphic elements. Images which can be used as a base for your unique designs and ideas.






Watch the Geometric lightbox

We look forward to hearing your opinion on what design trends will be popular in 2015. Could something completely new appear in web or graphic design? If you disagree with other designers or just have something to say about hot design trends, feel free to share it in the comments.