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What to Do If Buying Is Costly and Stealing Is Risky?

The PressFoto stock image agency announces two innovative services, namely the ImageRent Service and the digital image cryptographic protection (MediaStamp). Both these services have been recently featured at the MicrostockExpo in Berlin and generated genuine interest among stock business professionals.


Nowadays it is becoming a common practice for photographers to bring copyright infringement cases before the court. As a result, infringers pay huge penalties and indemnities. The case of Daniel Morel, a photographer who has recently won 1.22 million dollars by court action from Agence France-Presse (AFP) and Getty Images for unauthorized publishing of his Twitter photographs, serves as a perfect example. The indemnity payment verdict was delivered by Manhattan County Court on Friday, November 22.  No doubt, the photos turned out to be as good as gold.


The ImageRent Service

It is perfectly normal to rent a car or an office. But what does it mean – to rent an image? Most stock photographers we discussed the idea of the ImageRent with had practically no clue what we were talking about or were skeptical about the venture. But now, when the service is in operation and everyone has an opportunity to give it a try in practice, not only in theory, their views have dramatically changed.

The basic concept is as follows: a customer buys not an image itself but a link to it which he/she is free to post on a website or in a blog. With the use of this link the image is embedded into HTML-code of a web page and on upload is not different from any regular image. Since all the photographs are physically stored on the PressFoto server, every view of a site page is indexed by the ImageRent Program Counter which calculates how many times each image is viewed.


This method allows us to apply today’s most advanced and efficient web-marketing payment scheme known as CPM (CostPerMille).


To rent an image one should simply log-in/sing-up on the PressFoto website and purchase a service package (from 100 000 to 11 million shows). At that a customer gets an opportunity to take any pixel image (an illustration, a photograph or a drawing) from the stock data base and post it on website pages with no limitations.


When the purchased package runs out, the rented images do not vanish from the website pages they have been posted on. The PressFoto watermark appears on each of them and stays till a new package is paid for. A customer can find the ImageRent statistics on which images were rented and how many times each image has been viewed at the dashboard of his/her personal account along with the links to the pages where they have been posted, etc. Moreover, there is an option available for contributors to be informed about expiring packages via e-mail specified in the profile.

What to Do If Buying Is Costly and Stealing Is Risky-0

Who Needs This?

Actually, everyone: both customers and contributors who make money selling their photographs. Civilized use and distribution of the licensed content is not a chimera but a dream coming true nowadays with the services of Image Rent and Cryptographic Protection.

Photographers should think about how many people per day launch their browsers, if only to read the news, and reckon up how many pages each site has. They should reflect upon the last time they bought a printed newspaper. With all this kept in mind contributors will get at least a rough idea of how enormous the rental market is. Billions of views of new site pages which need images mean millions of royalty dollars lost by contributors.

Due to the fact that customers pay just for showing an image but not for a particular image itself, they can use much more images for rent which means that the scope of the related contributors becomes incredibly wide. The more images are used, the more are viewed. The more images are viewed, the more money photographers get.

Customers, in their turn, have several pros at once:

1. No need to clog your computer’s hard drive with thousands of images as all the files are stored on the stock photo agency servers.

2. No need to waste time cropping and adjusting images in graphic editors. It takes an instant to do so right on the stock photo agency website.

3. You save up to 75% of the price in comparison with a regular purchase. Just think about what happens when an article you need an image for is placed in the archives. In your opinion, how often will it be referred to by readers? Quite rarely, actually. And you have already paid a fixed price which is from 25 to 150 rubles depending on a stock website. It turns out that your money is not spent well. Each image posted with the help of the ImageRent costs as much as it is viewed. Taking into account a tiny value of each view we have fixed the ImageRent appears to be the most efficient and simple way to save money denying oneself nothing.

The ImageRent Service Basics

Firstly, a customer gets ONLY a link to an image (all images are physically stored on the PressFoto server). It is the first time when your statistical data embraces all the websites which use your image.

Secondly, your payment is an honest 50% share of the image show price. It will be summed up and accrued every two months (which is an optimal accounting period by reference to the specific features of the technology). No other stock photo agency in the world has royalties this high!

Thirdly, the ImageRent Service is valid only for web-size images (the maximum size is 600x600 pixels)! Images of bigger size and vector images are sold on former terms. It is not possible to rent an image and print it on a t-shirt.

Finally, all the rented images will be protected from piracy with a new cryptographic technology MediaStamp which allows contributors to keep a steady eye on each image being in use. For more information on MediaStamp do not miss the updates.

The Target Audience of the Service

At this point the service is mainly intended for foreign Internet portals, blogs and news sites. These are the most significant and financially reliable licensed media content consumer markets. Surely, any other contributors in need of images for website pages will have a chance to rent them at


We believe that with the help of the ImageRent Service the gross wage share of photographers on the Internet will increase. Those customers who considered prices to be the main reason against using licensed content have nothing else to say.


The beta version of the service was initialized on November 20. In the following two months you are free to try and test it, consider its pros and cons and share your thoughts on how to improve it. Then we will summarize all the commentaries, make corrections and launch the official version.

Thank you for choosing PressFoto as your favorite stock photo agency and for being talented, forward-looking and not afraid of changes. Stand by and together we will head towards a better life for creative people!

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