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Royalty-free Licensing Model

License is a description of terms and conditions in accordance with which you may use content provided by PressFoto: scope of rights, terms of its validity and use limitations.

You purchase a license for a timeless and non-exclusive use of the content (photo, illustration, vector graphics, video). You do not become the copyright holder of the content but you get a set of all the necessary documents for its use, composed in accordance with the rules of applicable law of the Russian Federation.

PressFoto content is sold under the terms and conditions of the Royalty-free licensing model. You purchase a right of the commercial use of the image that implies:

  • non-exclusivity, you are not the only one who can use this content;
  • worldwide usage without any limitations of the territory of use;
  • terms of validity are not limited;
  • no right to sell or sublicense or otherwise grant or assign rights to any third party. That means that only you can use the image as a stand-alone unmodified file (downloaded from PressFoto). At the same time a design lay-out or other visual object created with a purchased image may be used and distributed by third parties;
  • no limitation of quantity of your projects (that means that you pay once and you may use the image several times);
  • no further royalties or fees: you pay for a license only once, when you purchase the content.

Learn more about licenses before purchasing. We offer 2 options of Royalty-free licenses: Standard license and Extended license.

Author:  Elizaveta
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