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Stock Image Agency

10 years of digital content creation, distribution and protection

PressFoto Image Agency is an online store of licensed images, vector illustrations and video.
We are an intermediary between contributors who produce digital content and users who need content for their projects. PressFoto was founded in 2009 and belongs to the group of companies that has existed since 2006.

We are not looking for quantity, our goal is quality

The content is updated regularly: unrequested works give way to new ideas

10 000 000 images

Images by subscription from $0.26 and on-demand from $1.00


Our Team

  • CEO

    Dmitriy Shironosov CEO

  • CAO

    Anastasia Pelikh CAO

  • CTO

    Dinis Tolipov CTO

  • COO

    Irina Kuzmenkova COO

  • Product Manager

    Alexander Vernik Product Manager

  • Senior Lawyer

    Daria Kuznetsova Senior Lawyer

  • Senior Inspector

    Tatiana Gladkih Senior Inspector

  • Submitter

    Anna Plis Submitter

  • Submitter

    Eugenia Zubalevich Submitter

  • Front End Developer

    Ivan Nikishkin Front End Developer

  • Developer

    Alexander Shironosov Developer

  • Developer

    Darya Smirnova Developer

  • Developer

    Timofey Klyzhko Executive Assistant

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